Daring and thought-provoking, Bliss, Femme & Paradise compose together a cinematic trilogy on sexuality. The films present unique bodies and practices that challenge preconceived ideas of beauty, eroticism, gender, correctness, relationship, and love.

The approach to the subject is unconventional, as sexuality is not only seen as a source of pleasure but also as an embodied expression of a character’s inner path. The trilogy shows that independently from the genre (if fictional, documentary or experimental) or the degree of explicitness, sexuality may acquire a vital relevance in film narrative when connected to emotional and symbolic meanings. Nevertheless, the three films show a seductive intimacy with the characters and a sensuous interplay between image and sound.

The trilogy is an artistic investigation of the dramatic powers of sexuality in short film narrative, and is part of a PhD practice-based research. Each film deals with the main topic in a particular thematic and stylistic approach, thus standing on its own and reflecting each story’s specific universe of issues. Despite their differences, the three were made under the same production process and concept, and exhibit character-based narratives working with a poetic of the everyday life.