In a paradisiac land, an elderly woman rediscovers her sexual appetite.



DURATION: 5 min.

YEAR: 2016


A senior woman is bored with the same idyllic landscape from her summerhouse when an attractive man passes by on the beach. As she is looking at him, he wastes no time and flirts with her. After having her sexual appetite awaken, she will invite him to taste the forbidden fruit.


After contacting some actresses, Merete Hegner was the one who bravely accepted to play the leading role. She appreciated the fact that the film approaches the subject of sexuality and age without guilt. The latin-lover was played by the non-actor Alberto Alvin Isax, who remarks that stories like that happen every day in Cuba, but rarely in Denmark. More details about the process can be found in behind-the-scenes recordings and interviews (available soon).