JÚLIA MACHADO is a Copenhagen-based Brazilian filmmaker and a PhD candidate at Aarhus University. With a keen interest in cinema’s thought- provoking qualities, she has been developing and combining her analytic and creative skills since 2006. She has taught and organized film workshops and film screenings and has worked as an independent filmmaker, film editor and collaborator in many cinema, television and web productions.

Her interest in the coming of age process in marginalized areas was a theme at the beginning of her work. By the end of her Bachelor in Journalism, she made her first short film A Cidade dos Jovens with adolescents living in the famous favela Cidade de Deus (City of God). The documentary won the OCIC Honorable Mention Award at Rio International Ethnographic Film Festival 2006. Later came the experimental short film Paó Sem Palavras (2008, co-directed by Daniel Paes) where she begins to investigate character-based storytelling focusing on the bodies and their meanings. Now in The Red Trilogy, she investigates the dramatic powers of sexuality in short film narrative as part of her PhD practice-based research.

She has been scriptwriting and editing her projects and has refined her editing skills working at renowned production companies in Brazil in various productions such as TV-series, TV-programs, reality show, advertisement, institutional films, and video teasers screened on cable channels (HBO, Multishow, Futura). In 2009 Júlia participated as a second film editor and a collaborator in the screenplay in the feature documentary Utopia e Barbárie (Utopia and Barbarism, 2009) by the Brazilian filmmaker Silvio Tendler. Nominated for the best editing award in the Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro, the film was a significant learning experience as it combines new shootings with a massive historical archive of political events collected along nineteen years of the production process.

In 2010 together with colleagues, Júlia developed a film workshop for teaching film production and film culture to favela residents in the city of Rio. After writing a master thesis on Lars von Trier’s cinema, she moved to Denmark to make her PhD there in 2012. Júlia has been lecturing and presenting papers at international conferences ever since.



(as short film director)



Special Jury Award Winner – Short to the Point (Romania, 2016)Festivals/Screenings: SPOT Festival (May 2017), DFI Cinemateket (May 2017)


BLISS (2016)

Festival: Short Film Corner (Cannes, May 2016)Screenings: DFI Cinemateket (May 2017), Øst for Paradis (Final Cut, Dec 2015)


FEMME (2016)

Special Screening at DFI Cinemateket (May 2017)



Festivals: V Ibero Brasil Cine Festival, Hutúz, FestCine Amazônia



OCIC Honorable Mention Award at RIO International Ethnographic Film Festival 2006




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